My name is Irina Antipina and I am the designer of the ANTIPINA brand.  

It all started in 2011 when I was teaching Psychology of Communication at University in Moscow, and felt a need to express myself and my feelings through style; a need to give shape to my ideas. I also saw a deep connection between style, lifestyle and the beauty around me. Italy, somehow, seemed to embrace all of it. 

Florence and its surroundings embody art and traditions, and one of the most beautiful is its - leather crafts. There is no point in trying to describe how beautiful, interesting, rich and stunning this city can be. One needs to be here and see it, to feel it and enjoy it.

I welcome unexpected events, sudden discoveries, strong-blowing love winds and overcoming doubts, and the sufferings and lows that life can bring. Through curiosity, I expose myself to new ways to experience life and the world. I render that harmony into my creations: through drawing, photography, traveling, cooking, wine tasting… I experience all of it and let it influence my stylistic ideas that ultimately become an ANTIPINA Handbags.

Every single detail of the bag, from its design to the world I create inside of it, becomes a symbol of the quality and beauty of life. My bags reflect those beliefs and they are also symbolized in the shape and elegance of the outer appearance. 


Designing and manufacturing bags has totally captured my heart. And in Italy I have found ingenious craftsmen to give matter to my ideas under my brand name ANTIPINA. 

In designing my bags, working on their production and plunging deep into the subtleties of the craft, I found myself with questions that only inheritance and tradition could answer. I also wanted my designs to be authentic and carry the history and tradition of the country where they would be manufactured. So I enrolled at Scuola del Cuoio, and found a fascinating universe! It’s a school in the heart of Florence, founded in 1950 to train in the art of making bags. To this day the training there is one of the brightest periods in my life. Thanks to that knowledge and broad experience, I began investigating in technologies and methods and  found secrets that are now used to manufacture quality bags for the modern and demanding person - The ANTIPINA.

My inspiration will keep developing around the image in my imagination - a modern person who wants to enjoy all BEAUTY of life at its fullest, like me!