My name is Irina and I created the ANTIPINA bags concept to give you, like me, the possibility of representing the vision that you have of your own self, your individuality, and thus BE your own self in the world. 

My entire life, I have been focused on helping people shine their brightest. Before starting ANTIPINA, I taught psychology and image making as a professor in Moscow, Russia for 10 years. I also helped people find and express their true selves at work, with friends, their family, and in every other aspect of their lives, as a lifestyle consultant. Through this all, I have been fascinated by people’s emotions, and have tried to understand them through observation and sketches — even since I was a child. I was inspired to combine this passion for design and people, by starting a handbag brand in 2011.

Producing the highest-quality bags has always been at the core of ANTIPINA. With this in mind, I moved my design studio to Florence, Italy in 2012 — home to the best leather goods in the world. In Florence, I attended the prestigious Scuola del Cuoio in the heart of the city, to learn how to combine techniques that date back centuries, with contemporary styles and designs. As I began to delve deep into the intricacies of leather production, I learned how important every detail is in the creation of a beautiful handbag. This is why ANTIPINA bags are handcrafted using the highest-quality leather and are customizable to be best for you.

ANTIPINA designs have classic shapes, with a signature detail that affirm uniqueness and individuality. The tiny pocket on the outside of a bag could be used for your bus or train ticket, but I have imagined it with so much more in mind. Think of something from the fascinating world of men’s classic fashion: the pocket square - a silk handkerchief, a flower, or a swatch of wool — that for me is like sharing a smile or laugh with the world, an expression that is uniquely yours.

Carrying an ANTIPINA bag gives you a tool to show your creativity and your personality — to be you. Because when you are authentically you, there are not limits to what you can accomplish.