From Florence with Love, 

Interviewed by Anderson Azugbene  


Spy News Magazine: ANTIPINA is described as embodiments of poetic curves and rustic antiquity, what inspires your own creations?

Irina Antipina: Florence and Tuscany are the finest example of the balance between mankind and nature: the finest and still unparalleled architecture of the Renaissance framed by sweet hills covered with olive trees and vineyards…

I wanted to render that harmony, somehow, in my creations: through drawing, photography, traveling, cooking, wine tasting… I experience all of it and let it influence my stylistic ideas.

Spy News Magazine: Your bags designs send signals down my spine, it is flawless and inspiring. How do you want your customers to see when they wear your bag?

Irina Antipina: I envision an interesting woman, elegant, charming, seductive and intelligent, combining self-confidence with a hint of impertinence. This is how I would describe the character of ANTIPINA bags. I like when a bag, even when just completed, gives a feeling of maturity, like a vintage wine!