What’s in a Bag?

Photo by Veronica Kraemer

Photo by Veronica Kraemer

What meaning does a bag have to a person? The most essential items to have with myself, I place inside a bag. I choose the shape, size, color, and texture of the bag to fit my image and my needs. My bag is an attribute of my comfortable, practical and flexible lifestyle.

Every single detail of the bag, from its design to the world I create inside of it, becomes a symbol of the quality and joy in my life. In my bag are my beliefs, my hopes and my beloved trinkets and this is also shown in the outer appearance. 

This is my philosophy. And you know what? Life is interesting! Life is so full of flavor! 

I welcome unexpected events, sudden discoveries, strong blowing love winds and overcoming doubts, sufferings and lows that it can bring. Through curiosity, I expose myself to new ways to experience life and the world: drawing, photography, traveling, cooking, wine tasting... the business I chose and created is the sum of everything that makes me tick.

Designing and manufacturing bags has totally captured me. I traveled to Italy where I found ingenious craftsmen to give matter to my ideas under the brand name ANTIPINA. It was the beginning of a new page in the book of my life, and the title was Florence.

Florence and its surroundings speak of art and traditions- obviously including the leather crafts. There is no point in trying to describe how beautiful, interesting, rich and stunning this city can be. One needs to be here and see it, to feel it and enjoy it. In designing my bags and working on their production and plunging deep into the subtleties of the craft, I found myself with questions that only inheritance and tradition could answer. I came across Scuola del Cuoio, where I trained in this art for some time. Scuola del Cuoio is an endlessly fascinating universe! And to this day, training there is one of the brightest and happiest periods in my life. Every day, from morning until evening, I was there to learn from the best masters of Florentine leather craft. Scuola del Cuoio is a real source of unique leather craft experience and artisans’ secrets.

It seems I have visited every corner of Florence to find exactly the technologies, methods and secrets that are now helping me to make quality bags for the modern and demanding women.I envision an interesting woman, elegant, charming, seductive and intelligent, combining self-confidence with a hint of impertinence. This is how I would describe the character of ANTIPINA bags.

I like when a bag, even when just completed, gives a feeling of maturity, like a vintage wine!

The interaction with my customers gives me evidence that this image is perceivable and appreciated, confirming how even a small detail in someone's life, like a bag, can make a joyful difference. 

My inspiration will keep developing around the center of my attention, which is the image of a modern woman who wants to enjoy life at its fullest, like me!